Quality and Certifications

Fiam, leader company in the field of outdoor furniture, produces and distributes outdoor furniture for superior quality, in the sign of the design. With a strong attention to the functionality, with a true vocation for what is simple, practical, essential.


Since its debut, Fiam has done its own values of quality, comfort, service and design, creating the best sittings, today sold throughout the world. Products such as BITTER, FIESTA, AMIGO, SAMBA and MOVIDA are, at a distance of years, still present and recognized leader in the outdoor, so much so as to be a point of reference for the operators of the sector and for the same competitors.


The entire chain of work is strictly Made in Italy, from more avantgarde technical solutions to the choice of materials, together with a careful control of the different processing steps, to guarantee its guests the maximum security and solidity. Steel and aluminum high resistance, technical fabrics of high level and accessories in carefully selected materials, are conjugated to obtain the maximum lightness and durability of the product. With this Made in Italy supply chain, Fiam is able to ensure the highest levels of quality and originality of the products. It also contributes significantly to the sustainability of their products by reducing transport distances and using the rail transport and covering a large part of its energy requirements with photovoltaic plants.


To resellers and distributors of outdoor furnishings, Fiam offers an attentive and reactive service and the possibility of restocking even during the high season.


As early as 1975 Fiam was making sunbeds
with unique features for the market of that time: leg and back positions could be adjusted independently of each other, thereby multiplying the number of possible user positions.
These were already advanced products but Francesco Favagrossa realised that much more could be done for this sector: in the early 1990s he created AMIGO, an icon that many on the market are still trying to emulate to this day. Amigo is a revolutionary product due to the perfect way it folds compactly when closed, and for its clean striking appearance when opened out: the true brilliance of this Italian designed product was recognised by the German Design Council at the 2019 Iconic Awards.
Amigo is one of those cases where form, function and industrial repeatability come together in a single design idea. The complexity that results
in one single safe, agile and exciting stroke is perhaps the only thing that it would be right to expect from the design.

Commercial reliability

On 2 February 2017 FIAM achieved the recognition of maximun commercial reliability "CRIBIS PRIME COMPANY". This recognition is based on the Cribis D&B Rating, a dynamic and constantly updated indicator of the reliability of a company.

Certification UNI EN 581-3:2017

Fiam arredi esterno certifications

This European Standard specifies the minimum requirements for the safety, strength and durability of all types of outdoor tables for adults.

CATAS Certification