How we work in Fiam

Over the years Fiam has made to its working methods important technical innovations. Thanks to a process of research and development is continuous and constant over the years, we have achieved quality certifications are very important for our sector.

FIAM Green

Inside our plant in Ghedi we produce our own clean energy thanks to a modern photovoltaic (pv) system. Our choices have become increasingly in line with responsible production procedures and low environmental impact, ensuring the best possible energy efficiency and minimizing waste.

Fiam green
Fiam green

We drastically reduce any environmental impact through excellent product quality which guarantees long-lasting use. In addition to offering an unparalleled service in the sector, spare parts also remain available years after purchase for maintenance or renewal.

Our products are certified and designed to offer a unique experience to the
user. Materials and finished products are subject to strict quality control. Our percentage of returns and breakages is close to zero, compared with a sector average of between 3% and 5%.

FIAM creates all products according to the principles of sustainable development.

Less is more. The desire to get to the heart of things, to design while remaining focused on functionality and aesthetic cleanliness, is in itself an ethical attitude that avoids waste and is environmentally friendly. Renewable raw materials. We use recycled or recyclable raw materials produced in Europe according to applicable environmental regulations. Short supply chain. We favour Italian raw materials for greater flexibility and to minimize any environmental impact through transportation. Transport. We use rail transport as first choice and always optimize the number of items per load.

Fiam green

Sustainability policy

FIAM makes this Policy available and disseminates it via its website ( in order to guarantee its observance and application by all employees within the organization and interested parties.

Clean energy thanks to photovoltaic system


Produced by photovoltaic panels