QC Terme Bagni Nuovi Bormio (italy)

So here we are at Bormio, in a stylishly enchanting place, where time seems to be suspended in perfect equilibrium, between the sky and the reflections on the water, between the rocks of history and the healthy vapours of modernity.
Movida and Samba, with the deft touch of their discreet but solid forms, offer comfort and relief without getting in the way of the refinement of the location, welcoming stress and tiredness to transform them into relaxation.

In contract furnishings, Fiam emerges effortlessly because of the ability to make large quantities without losing any attention to detail, replicating its own self in Fiam quality and doubling performance, adapting itself to the public that has to be welcomed, to the needs of architects and designers, and mindful of the demands placed on public spaces.