Torsteinsen Design

Founded in Norway by Fredrik and Solveig Torsteinsen with the collaboration of Vidar Øverby, Torsteinsen Design has over twenty years of experience in different fields, from industrial design to furniture, from fair preparations to those museums, from architecture to interior design, from graphics to the web design. Thanks to the intense inner dialog and with customers, based on the principle of generation of ideas from other ideas, Torsteinsen Design realizes innovative projects and functional, which confer a fundamental value to the economic sustainability of the project itself, and products inspired by the functional forms of the tradition of Scandinavian design. This approach allowed Torsteinsen Design of winning numerous awards, including 8 for Design Excellence. Between their principals stand out institutions such as the Royal Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Norway, the Norwegian foundation for the design and architecture, the National Museum and companies such as punctures Form, Savo, Sit Norway and Hepro. For Fiam, Torsteinsen Design has developed, on the occasion of the fortieth anniversary of the company, the series of outdoor sittings Lido.