July 30, 2020

Spaghetti, the legendary outdoor relax chair, as the most loved dish in Italy, retains the memory of particularly simling years: the legendary Sixties! In that historical moment the everyday object and the furniture products change, they suit to a new lifestyle that’s more unconventional than before, and also the relax starts to be lived in an easier way. Not just normal sitting where we must sit straight anymore. In the Sixties new objects are born in which plastic becomes a design object and plays in a new and casual way everyday objects. This is the case of the outdoor deckchair Spaghetti, that perfectly personifies the spirit of that time. The furnitures and the products born in those years earn without discussion the title of “cult objects”, among them we can easily find our Spaghetti. 

"The spaghetti was crunchy, and slid into my mouth as if it had a life of its own. That olive oil had the most inebriating smell. It seemed incredible that four such simple ingredients, olive oil, pasta, garlic and cheese could result in such an extraordinary dish."

Ruth Reichl

It's handcrafted in Italy with the characteristic PVC string. It’s adjustable in 5 different positions and equipped with a storable footrest. The frame is made in steel or aluminium, the backrest is anatomical to guarantee, with the creasing, the maximum comfort. 


  • Practical and lightweight
  • Retractable footstool
  • 5 positions
  • low-maintenance
  • high quality
  • respect for the environment
  • easy to clean




Spaghetti outdoor furniture

MoMA Design Store has selected Fiam's legendary Spaghetti Outdoor Lounge Chair, named for its flexible PVC bands, the chair is a whimsical homage to Italy's most beloved dish.  Introduced in the 1980s, the Spaghetti Chair is recognized as an iconic lounge chair, a design that follows the innovation of plastic designs that began in the 1960s.
Now Spaghetti is available at MoMA Design Store.