FIAM & COIN: MYA Spaghetti, during Milan Design Week 2023

April 26, 2023

Milan Design Week 2023 - Immersed in a web of threads, the stories of FIAM and COIN intertwine in the shop windows of Milan: between 12 and 23 April in the two COIN stores in Piazza 5 Giornate and Piazzale Cantore it will be possible to discover the new outdoorproject celebrating the 20-year partnership.

FIAM, the only outdoor partner of COINCASA, transforms its essential functionality into aclimbing installation of MYA in pop coloursMore than 200 outdoor chairs were used to create the special structure that animates the shop in Piazza 5 Giornate and surprises passers-by. The guiding thread of the project is FIAM's famous PVC rod, the Italian-style 'Spaghetto' that gives its name to some of the company's main relaxation chairs.

Accurate technical know-how, an expression of design and handmade in Italy, the entire FIAM selection presented at COIN encompasses its bestsellers, in PoP version, including: Spaghetti outdoor lounge, Mya Spaghetti, Dondolina, Amigo, Fiesta  and  tables such as: Aria, Tris and Club. The PVC rod panels, characteristic of FIAM, tell of an immersive experience in the FIAM world and in the choice of materials, both durable and functional.

United by the careful research in quality design, FIAM and COINCASA also make the outdoor living shopping experience engaging by enhancing, on the occasion of the Milan Design week, the family tradition that has made Italian style known all over the world.

Roberto Gatti, Fiam's Sales Director, says: "The 20-year partnership between FIAM and COIN pays tribute to the uniqueness of handmade Made in Italy and the attention to materials of excellence through an immersive experience in the world of FIAM, which has always sought 'design of substance' for its outdoor collections. These are products made from the finest and most avant-garde materials designed for durable, sustainable and practical collections for everyday use in both domestic and professional contexts.

Paola Scalvini, Coin's home product director, concludes: "We chose Fiam as a partner because, like Coin, it is a company that with its collections interprets Italian taste by proposing style icons that combine the quality of materials with craftsmanship skills".

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