ARIA CHAIR- outdoor stackable chair

Design: Francesco Favagrossa

Aria is a discreet outdoor chair that is easy to lift and move, stackable and easy to maintain. It is the ideal product for summer moments of relaxation in the open air. The frame is made of high-strength aluminium alloy, extremely strong and light. This chair has been designed and produced entirely in Italy, from raw materials to manufacturing. The mastery of craftsmanship, made according to tradition, completes a production process that has all the characteristics of the best Italian design: from the thought behind the product, to the quality materials it is made of, to the modern production technologies employed. Each manual step is a perfect mix of knowledge, care and precision. The seat, in micro-perforated Italian Texfil fabric, combines excellent tactile comfort with high resistance to atmospheric agents.

The Aria chair can be combined with the Aria table, which is part of the same line.


The frame is made of high-strength aluminium alloy, which is extremely strong and light. The seat, in micro-perforated Italian Texfil fabric (pvc wire mesh with a high tenacity nylon core), combines excellent tactile comfort with high weather resistance. In addition, the fabric can be replaced.

Maximum permitted weight on the seat: 110Kg




The characteristics of the product which ensure an unsurpassed comfort to the seat.


Upon purchasing, it is recommended to assess the type and place of use of the product, choosing the most appropriate materials for the specific need.

The products with painted iron frame are recommended for use on grass or non-sensitive flooring (rusty water might leak out of the tubes if left out in the rain). For use on sensitive flooring it is recommended to opt for the aluminium product.


Alluminio verniciato

Alluminio verniciato




Serigraphy Printers

Fiam proposes a range of customizations for its outdoor seatings. Specifically, Fiam proposes a service of silk-screen printing (or silk-screen printing), that allows the ink to permeate through the fabric. Thanks to this service you can customize the garden furniture with a logo.

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Size and Weight

Width 46 cm
Height 88 cm
Depht 55.50 cm
Mass 3 kg


m3 -
Pieces per box 4
Pieces per pallet 16
p/z m3 9

Pallet size

Width 80 cm
Height 222 cm
Depht 120 cm

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