FIESTA SOFT LEATHER - Adjustable anatomic indoor armchair

Design: Francesco Favagrossa

Outdoor relax armchair Fiesta leather, the "X" is their chiffre stylistique, on this immediate and smart mechanism are posed the two big plus of this chair, a receiving without compromises and an incomparable practicality in closing and transporting the deckchair. Designed by Francesco Favagrossa, it's an icon, because as you think about Moka when you see a coffee, you think about armchair Fiesta when you want to relax. It's logic! A pivot in the crossing of the two axes creates the entire system. To this we add the lightness of the frame and that exact bending that makes Fiesta an anatomical sitting, particularly comfy for the cervical segment, and it's adjustable in 3 different positions. It will be the ideal partner for some chatting in company, for lectures in open-air and in every moment of simple and bracing rest. The fabric is made in genuine leather that goes well with the modern and trendy market, as it has a fine but well-engraved print. Soft hand, useful for every application in furnishing.


The frame is in steel at high resistance, paint with thermosetting powder that guarantees a perfect protection. the sitting, made with Italian genuine fabric leather. Leather is produced from Buffalo,aniline dyeing, water finished in solid colours.Thickness 0.9-1.0 mm.


Maximum loading on the seat: 110Kg

Product maintenance



  • Maximum compro for you rest.
  • Adjustable
  • Easy to use
  • Sturdy and light
  • Adjustable headrest
  • Space saving
  • Italian quality




The characteristics of the product which ensure an unsurpassed comfort to the seat.



Details make the difference. Furnishing accessories complete the Fiam range, personalising and enriching the various models with significant advantages


Fiesta outdoor furniture

For normal cleaning just dust the leather with a clean, soft dry cloth. Any stains can be removed using a damp cloth and mild white detergent. Do not rub the surface but dab it from the outside towards the inside of the stain. Do not dry the leather in the sunlight or with a hair dryer. Do not use detergents that are not specific for leather, as they can damage the surface causing it to crack or fade. To keep the colours bright, do not expose the leather to direct sunlight.

The chemicals needed for the production of leather, used for the tanning, the dyeing and the finishing of the raw hides, do not contain substances which can be harmful for health or the environment. Due to technical reasons it is not possible to guarantee the same tonality of colour from one bath to another.

Upon purchasing, it is recommended to assess the type and place of use of the product, choosing the most appropriate materials for the specific need.

The products with painted iron frame are recommended for use on grass or non-sensitive flooring (rusty water might leak out of the tubes if left out in the rain). For use on sensitive flooring it is recommended to opt for the aluminium product.




Serigraphy Printers

Fiam proposes a range of customizations for its outdoor seatings. Specifically, Fiam proposes a service of silk-screen printing (or silk-screen printing), that allows the ink to permeate through the fabric. Thanks to this service you can customize the garden furniture with a logo.

Have you got other preferences?

Tissues' customizations, accessories, painting, specific color and specific print are available for all outdoor furniture . Thanks to Fiam design and customization, you can find the furnishing complement of your dreams!

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Size and Weight

Width 97 cm
Height 94 cm
Depht 97 cm
Mass 5.50 kg


m3 0.26 m3
Pieces per box 4
Pieces per pallet 40
p/z m3 12

Pallet size

Width 120 cm
Height 235 cm
Depht 132 cm

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