ULISSE - Outdoor modular upholstered cushion

Design: Ennio Favagrossa

Ulisse Upholstered Pillow is in texfil fabric with polystyrene ball padding, great on summer days.

Ulisse is modular as often as you want !! Infact, you can connect multiple products together to create a larger surface. 

Fully waterproof and easy to clean.

Maximum loading on the seat: 100Kg

Product maintenance





The characteristics of the product which ensure an unsurpassed comfort to the seat.





Serigraphy Printers

Fiam proposes a range of customizations for its outdoor seatings. Specifically, Fiam proposes a service of silk-screen printing (or silk-screen printing), that allows the ink to permeate through the fabric. Thanks to this service you can customize the garden furniture with a logo.

Have you got other preferences?

Tissues' customizations, accessories, painting, specific color and specific print are available for all outdoor furniture . Thanks to Fiam design and customization, you can find the furnishing complement of your dreams!

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Size and Weight

Width 150 cm
Height 25 cm
Depht 108 cm
Mass 4.25 kg


m3 -
Pieces per box 1
Pieces per pallet 7
p/z m3 3

Pallet size

Width 80 cm
Height 245 cm
Depht 120 cm

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