With the design and production of sober, elegant and essential garden furniture, Fiam addresses to a broad public, or to all those who are interested in giving and treat yourself to an experience of comfort and well-being that is unique and inimitable. The outdoor furniture produced by Fiam is ideal both for household applications, as in gardens, swimming pools, relax area, that for applications for professional use, such as inside hotels, campsites, SPA and receptive structures. The Fiam's garden furniture, such as chairs, armchairs, chairs, sunbeds, thanks to their versatility, are perfect to satisfy any demand.


Furnishings and outdoor seating perfect for relaxing in your garden and in you house.



Outdoor furniture for Hotels, Resort, Villages and receptive structures.


Camping, wellness & Spa

Outdoor seating ideal for campsites, wellness structure & Spa


Medical sector

Products and furniture for the medical sector and hospital.